Best Regina Andrews Lighting Home Designs

Regina Andrews Lighting – Using its strategy, the Andrew Design chandelier supplies doves in the arms of this light fixture enabling this to be the perfect addition to homes. The 6 small canopy lights with this chandelier make it ideal for smaller areas which could add a bit of romantic lighting. Luminous lighting offering appeal is reflected by this chandelier.

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The Regina Andrews Lighting Design Story

From the humble beginnings in a garage from Michigan, Regina Andrew Design has a huge line of home accessories and lighting that are contemporary, clean and posh. Their assortment of diverse lighting accessories and fittings include a tasteful sense of stylish by mixing organic materials like glass, orange and shells using traditional materials like metal, iron and crystal. Through daring proportions together with mixed substances, they made an aesthetic that could be explained as coastal style matches rock ‘n’ roll.

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We Love Regina Andrews Lighting Design – Using wood watches, and even cement, lighting pieces which are functional and complicated can be inventively developed coolly by Regina Andrew Design. Workers are encouraged to collaborate in the creation of their designs, which makes for collaborative purpose. We also appreciate their enthusiasm and credibility, which comes through in each of their products. When using a sense of style, their enthusiasm can be depicted by them for both offbeat and sound aesthetic.

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Fascinating Truth About Regina Andrews Lighting Design

Staying true to their origins, Regina Andrew Design has been put money into their town of Detroit. Called “The Motor City” this particular place is distinguished by palms on hard labor, roots in rock ‘n’ roll along with a chose optimism to continue advancement.

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Noteworthy Products from Regina Andrews Lighting Design – The Boom Sconce is a nod to technology and its design. This wall mounted fixture reproduces the shape and placement of a boom mic (widely utilized from the movie and TV sector). Inventive to receive a wall sconce, the Boom actually works similar to a floor lamp. The Concrete Saucer Pendant is a illustration of Regina Andrews Lighting Home Design uses atypical substances it is unbelievably comprehensive for a product.

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